The Hallsberg POF Conference 16th - 22th April 2012

On Tuesday 17th April the opening of the POF conference took place. The short ceremony was followed by workshops and a two-day stay in Indian tepees in a forest camp. The last day, Friday 19th, has been spent summarizing the week's events. While this is being blogged, the participants are visting the regional capital of Örebro.


Here the pupils will present their impressions and thoughts from the events. (This is a text-only version, and the original documents with a lot of fine photos are to be found in the document section.It worth going there for a look!)


Arabella Hámori and Oskar Bengtsson:


My exchange student arrived on Monday evening at 9 o´clock. Her name is Arabella and she´s from Hungary. Because of the long travel she was very tired and went to bed early. The next day we had some time to get to know each other. We went to school together with Anton and his german student. In the school we had a workshop about ecological footprints. When the programs was over we meet up with Anton, John and Mohammed and their student and we went to the city center to do the shopping for a Swedish dish. When we went back to Anton´s house we cooked Swedish meatloaf with cranberry jam. Then we saw a hockey match and talked. On Wednesday we went out to Åfallet Naturby to a campsite. We were very nervous because of the cold weather. We had a lot of programs in the forest, we walked there a lot and it was very tiring because of the soft soil, but it was beautiful. At evening we meet up in the big tent to sing, afterwards we walked to the fireplace to cook some bananas with chocolate (it was very delicious J ). Then it was time to go to sleep, I think almost nobody could sleep because of the cold weather, we looked forward to the morning so we could warm up by the fire. On Thursday we went out for another walk in the forest. This time we went for a longer walk, but the surrounding were funnier than the first walk. In the afternoon we went canoeing, Bella was very afraid at first but then she liked it. We went back to the camp and finally it was time to go home. We had a refreshing shower and then we took a walk to Mohammed´s house. We had a little chat but then we walked home to get some sleep because we were exhausted from all the walking and bad sleep.

It was very tiring to be in the campsite, but we can know a lot of new things from the environmental protection and the trees in the forest which was very beautiful.   


Jeannette Feurstein, Nina Hallor:


The Sweden Trip!

 I arrived on Monday evening in Hallsberg! My family picked me up at the railway station. After quite a long trip I was really happy to sit in the nice living room and having a “fika” (that´s the Swedish word for a little coffee break)! At the first day we stayed in their Swedish school and learned more about our carbon footprints. It was really exciting to see how a Swedish school looks like! It is a really big school with lots of students. The school is very well-equipped, they have lots of computers to use also in their free time. And I found out that the Swedish people often have “fika” – so we eat a lot! I love “Kanelbullar” (that’s a kind of cinnamon roll)!
THEN THE CAMP COMES!!! We went to the camp by bus, it was in the middle of the big,big Swedish forest! We walked a lot through the forest, saw a few lakes and learned a lot about the trees! Viktor, the owner of this camp told us that a dead tree is a beauty for him
J! We also ate a lot in the camp, we had a lot of vegetables and we tried moose meat, i think it taste like beef! The days were nice but the night in the tipi was really cold. Nearly nobody was able to sleep. I always hoped my nose would not froze! The last day with our Swedish friends we will go to Örebro a city nearby Hallsberg!


Agnes Heppich, Tina Hörlin, Viktoria Ros Viktorsðottir, Ingileif Egilsðottir:



We had an opening ceremony; we saw pictures and heard music. Then we heard a lecture about ecological footprints, planted a tree and calculated how many globes our way of living consumes. We also got the chance to get to know each other and we had lunch at the school restaurant. After lunch we got divided into groups and we discussed some environmental issues and then we went home.

In the evening we met up at Agnes’s and played cards and ate snacks and got to know each other better.


We took off at 8am with the bus and arrived at Åfallet, about thirty kilometers south of Hallsberg, at around 9.30. We were already a bit after schedule. We listened to lectures about the forest and then we went out into the woods for a walk. In the evening we ate elk-stew and after that we listened to music and tales from different countries. Then we grilled bananas with chocolate and raisins and listened to a guy playing the guitar. When we went to bed it was freezing cold and we were sleeping with all our clothes on and we were still freezing. There were no bathrooms by the way so we had to use the outdoor toilets, we didn’t like themL.


We woke up really early and really cold and we had breakfast. Then we went out canoeing on the “heart-lake”, the weather was great. After that we cooked our own lunch, sauce and bread. It was quite nice. Then we went out for a “small” walk in the forest. It was about eight kilometers straight into the woods, no road or path, just small mountains and swamps. We didn’t see any animals at all but we saw a lot of poop. Our teacher walked really fast and one of the boys said that it was like “we were running from a bear”, that joke made my day (Tina). Then we took the bus home.


Valeria Nussbaumer, Emma Holmsten:


Planting our future

Day 1
We met at the train station about 8.30pm and we were really nervous. It didn’t last that long because we get along quite well. We went home, had bread, tea and chocolate that Valeria brought from Austria and we sat there, talking to my parents in Swedish, English and German. At least we tried to speak German. We went to bed but we didn’t fall asleep until the late hours because we were talking the whole time.

Day 2
The day started at 8am and we got information about this project and what we were supposed to do this week. We went out and planted a cherry tree as a symbol for “Planting our future”.

After a short break we went back to the auditorium to listen to the teachers speak about nature and what we’re going to discuss this afternoon. We started with taking a test were we calculated how much resources we use to live. Then we discussed what we could do to avoid using unnecessary resources but it would have been nice to get to know each other before starting with the discussion because everybody was so shy and didn’t want to speak. We think that after the information part we should have some “get-to-know-each-other-activity”.

Then our group discussed the question if the human species is more valuable than other species. Later we discussed it again in the auditorium with all the students. We finished at 3pm and we went to see Emma’s mother since we are staying at her dads. We talked for a bit and then dad picked us up because it started to snow again. Valeria was fascinated about how unpredictable the weather is in Sweden. It went from cloudy to snow to rain to sunshine to snow and so on.

We went home, had Swedish meatballs with potatoes for dinner. For dessert we had a Swedish specialty called “marknadsnougat”. It’s like chocolate fudge. Then we were just talking about life and girly stuff and by this time we had really got to know each other.

Day 3
The bus departed at 8 to Åfallet, and it was really cold. It was snowing and raining and we went out for afew walk and we had a few breaks and it was really ice except that it was freezing cold and everybody was complaining about it, which we totally understand because it really was freezing.


We then we listened to this presentation about the Swedish forest which was a bit too long. It was interesting at the beginning but it was really hard to focus when we were freezing and sat in the tippie listening to information about the forest in two hours. But we made new friends with those who sat next to us because you couldn’t help that you started talking while listening.

Later on we got together in the big tippie to listen to Swedish songs and
some of the other countries songs and stories. It was really nice and we really enjoyed it.



Then we had warm bananas with chocolate. One of the czech boys was playing the guitar and everybody was singing. People started to get to know each other when we sat around the camp fire and even though it was cold it was really nice.

When we went to bed and Valeria fell asleep and she was wearing like one thousand layers of clothes so she was able to sleep. Emma couldn’t sleep at all because she was freezing so much so at 4.30 she and Kalle (a host of one of the polish girls) went out for a walk to get warm. We got back at 6 am and we lit a fire and Lucas joined us.

Day 4
Too cold to be true. It would be nice to leave it like that because it is the best summary of the day. But we can’t. We went cannoying at 10 at it was really nice, both of us were a bit scared but it was nice.

We went back to the camp to prepare the lunch which tasted really interesting since we’re not used to eat food like that. Almost vegan food and made of ecological ingredients. After that we were supposed to go out for a three hours long walk but we were too tired and cold to move so we stayed at the camp fire to warm ourselves up a bit. We sat there for like four hours talking to the other cold and tired students and teachers and we had a good time.

FINALLY we went home. We went to pick some chinese food up and we walked home. We took a shower and fell asleep right away.

We really enjoyed the camping because of the nice students but it’s not really a good idea to go camping in Sweden in APRIL. It’s too cold.



Day 5
We woke up and both of us are freezing and we have a soar throat. We won’t join the other students to Örebro but we’ll join the “party” later on this evening.

We’re glad to meet all the students and we’re glad that we made new friends.



Angelika Latsuk, Monika Muru, Sofia Karlsson, Emily Frost:


The Estonians came here on Monday and they had a long drive before they got to Hallsberg and when they got here they drove home and met their hosts. On Tuesday we met everyone else and we had official welcome. We planted a cherry tree in the school garden. After that we discussed our ecological footprints and had workshops, and then we had lunch in the school cafeteria. At the end of the day we went to our Swedish homes.

On Wednesday we all drove to Afallet Naturby and met Viktor and Elin, they showed us around and told us about the forest and what they were doing there. We had a walk in the forest and then we had lunch. We had a lecture in the tipi and in the evening almost every country did some performance. We sat around the fire and ate bananas with chocolate and sang songs. Afallet was nice and peaceful but cold especially at night. We wish we could have been there in the summer when its green and warm.

On Thursday we were divided in three groups and we were in the first group. We had to walk in the forest for three hours but the teacher got us lost and we were so tired. We found the way back and ate lunch. When our stomachs were full we went canoeing, and it was fun. Then we packed our things and drove home. At home everyone were tired and wanted to have a warm shower and go to bed.

Today on Friday we are writing these blogs and going to Örebro, House of nature.



Vojtech Havlicek, Vladislav Kaspar:



We, Vojta and Vlada, arrived at gloomy Monday evening, under the grey northern sky we saw those mighty Vikings, Lucas and Mikael, we were supposed to live with. When we arrived at their homes, we hunted some moose and ate them raw. Then we fell asleep under the Thors protection. Next morning we woke up and there was the gigantic blizzard, the anger of ancient northern gods was hanging over us.Through this storm we rode moose to the school of black northern magic.They got lovely and tasty black coffee and 6546574 coffee brakes per day. After a long presentation about Swedish witchcraft and the forest ghosts, Vlada and I with both Vikings we hunted some lunch and went to the city Örebro to meet beautiful daughters of north.

Next day we took moose yoke and disappeared in deep frozen forests of northern darkness. When the night has come, we flayed our moose and made a tent out its skin. People from the southern countries became ice cubes and fishsticks. Wolfs ate them all. The survivors prayed for their souls all night long with guitar and sacrificed banana and chocolate to Oden and Thor, the guardians of the north. In the moonlight, we discovered cursed lake of damned souls and two mighty Vikings- Mikael the warrior and his brutal wife jumped in it and killed Loke who was hiding his treasures and snufft here.After journey we came back to our tents fell asleep, listening to lullaby of demons and spirits of the forest.

The brave ones that survived, woke up with the icicles on their beard and had a coffee brake and then went canoeing on the cursed lake of damned souls to fight polar mermaids and cthulhu. When we unshiped, the polar bear attacked us but our swords and hammers were stolen by mermaids so we had to kill that bear with our bare hands and the Vikings choked him with their beards. After another coffee brake, we hunted some bread for lunch, then we went for a walk and the pack of polar bears was chasing us for 54 miles.Then we took another moose yoke and made our way home and to safety.



 Ewelina Prodyma, Aleksandra Kliszez, Ella Andersson, Karl-Joar Karlsson:




We are sleepy and tired after a long week in Sweden. But we are also happy, because we are having such a great time together.

We were at school on Monday and we were participating in biology, chemistry, physics and math lessons. After school our Polish friends made us “jajecznica”. Then we took the bikes and we had a long trip around the city Askersund. We looked at the nature, that is, lake Alsen, forests and rocks (rolling stonesJ ).

On Tuesday we measured how big our ecological footprints were and we listened to teachers speaking about sustainable future.

On Wednesday we traveled by bus to Åfallet Naturby which is a camp in the forest. We were informed about the Swedish forest, for instance that most of it is planted forest and that the forest around Åfallet Naturby is one of the few remaining areas were there´s real old growth forest. We took a walk to a lake and we had our lunch there. We ate vegetarian hamburgers. Later we had a lecture about forests. After the dinner we gathered in the biggest tipi and we were singing, playing guitar and getting to know each other. Then we went to sleep in the tent in our sleeping bags.

Next day we had a breakfast about 8 a.m. then we were divided into 3 groups. We were part of the first one, so we went for a walk (we got lost, but it was ok because we had a mapJ) and then we had a lunch, we had to wash up all the dishes. Next we were canoeing and we went home after that.

And so today (today is Friday) we are sitting in a library and writing this blog. We are also waiting for a trip to Örebro.


Tack o hej leverpastej XD

Dziękuję i do widzenia J

Thanks and goodbye strawberry pie:P

Let’s go to sleep!


Eva Duque Izguierdo, Alva Maria Delgado Escribano, Emma Johansson, Ebba Molin:


Hola! This is Emma and Ebba from Sweden and Eva and Alba from Spain writing.

In the morning the 16th April we met at the train station here in Hallsberg. It was cold but nice to meet our new friends. The first thing we did when we arrived to school was to meet the other people from all over Europe in the auditorium. There were a lot of different faces from many countries and we all made a short presentation of ourselves. We got divided into small groups and started to work with the project called Ecological footprints. It was interesting to see what affect we humans have on the planet and in the end we found conclusions about what we can do to make the environment better.


We had lunch in the school cafeteria, and Alba and Eva were surprised over how early we eat lunch here in Sweden. This was something we from Sweden had not thought about before. It is interesting to see that there is such a big difference between our countries!

In the afternoon we went home. We were really tired after a long day so Emma and Eva decided to watch a movie with Emma’s stepsister Lilly, who is a bit crazy but funny and friendly according to Eva. We ate beef and potatoes for dinner, which was something Eva had not eaten before. In the evening, after dinner, we played the guitar. Emma showed Eva how to play, and it went really well!

When Alba and Ebba arrived at home, we were really tired and the first thing we did was to take a shower. For dinner we had Tortillas which is a meal from Mexico, and Alba had eaten it before but in a different way. After that we went to bed early and had a really good night’s sleep!

The next day, we went camping in the woods. The place was called Åfallet, and Eva and Alba had not seen anything like that before. There were no electricity, and it was really cold! After a meeting in one of the tents we went for a walk in the forest. We did not found it very funny, but we had a good time anyway. Eva and Alba were amazed by the Swedish nature, because it is different in Spain.

In the evening we met again in the big tent. The Swedish people sang Swedish songs, the Estonian and Austrian people told us stories. The most special performance according to us was the dance the guys from Turkey did. Unfortunately we had a little accident and Ebba missed the performances and had to spend the night in hospital instead. (An allergic reaction to nuts...) After the performances we went to the fireplace and ate grilled bananas with chocolate inside, we all enjoyed it!

After a long and really really cold night in the tents we finally woke up for a new day. After the breakfast we got divided into groups, the group we were in started preparing the lunch. We peeled like a thousand potatoes, onions and white carrots what we swedes call palsternackor. After this, we went canoeing. It was great, but the funniest part was when we heard about the Italian teacher who had fallen into the water!

We had a quick lunch, and then went for a “short and nice” walk in the forest. We got back three hours later with aching feet and legs like spaghetti… But at least the cake we ate at a break was nice! When we came back to the camp we packed our things together (with a big effort…) and went to thank the people who own the camp we stayed in. After a bus ride back to Hallsberg, we collapsed at the train station, waiting for our lift home.

When we got home Emma and Eva had a nice dinner with Emma’s family, we ate tacos and it was delicious! (Especially after two days of vegan food…) We were tired, but we did not want to go to sleep. Eva had a dance lesson for Emma, she taught her a traditional Spanish dance called Sevillanas. It was hard and Emma was pretty bad at it…But it was fun!

Ebba and Alba went on a family dinner at Ebba’s house. We had Spaghetti Bolognese and ice cream with chocolate and raspberries. Alba loved the food and we had a really good time! After a long dinner with lots of laughs and exchanges of cultured we went to bed.

We have had a really nice and interesting week and now Ebba and Emma are looking forward to come and visit Spain later this year!

Ellen Oskarsson, Lisa Blückert:


This week, we had two Italian students visiting and living with us. Emanuele lived with Lisa and Giambattista lived with Ellen. They are both from Turin and are one year younger than us. They arrived at Monday evening and will leave Sunday morning.

During the days we have learned about environment and about the project our school runs. The first they we learned about ecological footprints, our own and others. After taking an internet-test, we found out that if everyone lived like us, we would need 2-3 earths. Other students would need more than four, and some would need less than two. We were also introduced to the schedule for the week, and to the other students.  In the morning, we planted a tree together as a symbol for the project, “planting our future”.  When the school-day ended, we went bowling and ate pizza with Hanna, Frida and their Turkish students. After the bowling, we went home to our families, had dinner and went to bed. During the day, we had rain, sun, snow and hail, so our Italian friends called Sweden “The crazy weather land!”

Early in the Wednesday morning, we went by bus to “Åfallet naturby” to spend 1½  day and night in the forest . We walked a lot through the forest and learned about different kinds of mosses, lichens and Swedish animals. For lunch, we had vegetarian food and salad. After the walk we all sat in the biggest tent and listened to a presentation about the Swedish forest.  For dinner we ate a dish containing elk, which was the first time for many of the students from the other countries. In the evening we all went back to the tent to watch performances by some students and teachers. They all did something that was special for their countries.  Then we sat around the campfire, ate grilled bananas with chocolate, sang and listened to a Czech guy playing guitar. We all had a very cold night and we think the temperature went below zero during the night hours.  But we all woke up alive and had breakfast around the fire,then we were divided into three groups. Our group started to prepare lunch while the other groups went walking or canoeing. We made a vegetarian casserole and it was actually delicious! The canoeing was a bit scary but also peaceful and cozy. The three hour walk was a bit too much for us who are not very interested in forests, but it was a good experience.  Wet, hungry and tired we went home, and the bed have never ever felt so good! Both families had meatballs, potatoes, sauce and a jam made of lingon for dinner, because it is very typical Swedish food. 

Today, after lunch, we’ll be going to Örebro to visit “Naturens Hus” and then have some free time in the city. Tonight, our schools restaurantprogram will be cooking and serving us a fancy dinner and our esthetes will contribute with evening-entertainment.

Tomorrow, we have planned trip to Stockholm, our capital city, with some of our new friends from different countries. We are going to see the castle where our king and queen live and show them around the city. We hope it’s going to be a pleasant trip.


To summarize, it has been a very fun and educative week. We both have improved our English and we have gotten to know the similarities and the differences between countries in Europe. We have learned much about the environment and gotten many useful facts to improve our lifestyle in an environmental way.  It has been fun to meet so many new people, both from other countries and from our own school. Now we’re looking forward to go to Italy in September!



Sefa Demiray, Nedim Ülker, Hanna Olsson, Frida Tivedal:


On Monday we arrived to Sweden at Arlanda. Then we missed our first train to Hallsberg so we had to wait an extra hour for the next one to leave. We arrived to Hallsberg at 18.20 and soon we were on our way to our hosts who lived in different towns. We arrived to our hosts and met the families. We were very nervous but at the same time excited. We had dinner and it was strange but we didn’t throw up so it was good. In Laxå, at Frida, we walked around and we saw deers. And at Hanna, outside of Hallsberg, we stayed at home and got to know each other.

Tuesday we met all the other students and teachers in Alléskolan. First we met in the aula and listened to when the headmasters and teachers who talked about the project. Then we planted a tree for the future and then we had our first “fika” in Sweden. We had lectures about the environment and talked in groups about we can do to save the world for the future generations. We talked a lot about ecological footprints. School wasn’t so fun so in the afternoon we went bowling. It was Sefa´s first time bowling but it went really well anyways. But Hanna was the best. Later we eat pizza and kebab but the turks didn’t like the Swedish kebab that much. In the evening we sat by the computers and in Laxå we watched some icehockey before we went to sleep.


Wednesday we went to Åfallet in the forest to sleep in tents, learn about the Swedish forest and walk long walks in the nature reserve. We had a long lecture in a big tent about the forest and later we walked. We were tired and the forest was interesting. In the evening we had performances by the different countries and they were singing and dancing and they all showed us something special from their countries. It was very entertaining and fun to watch. Then we eat warm banana and melt chocolate. We liked it a lot.

It was really cold at night and we couldn’t sleep that much. So we were really tired on Thursday morning. After breakfast we split into three groups but the turks and the sweds were in different groups. We went canoeing, prepared lunch and went on a 8 km long walk in the forest. It took us 3,5 hours to walk the whole way so afterwards we were very tired. It was wet but “fika” made it better. Then we could finally go home. We ate and took a long warm shower before bed.

Today it’s the last day and later we are going to Örebro. We will listen to a lecture and then we will have free time to look around in the city. It will be fun! Unless it keep on snowing. Insallah!





Emanuele Quarona, Giambattista de Giorgis:


Journey to the crazy weather land

Monday 16th and tuesday 17th

After a long journey we finally arrived in Sweden. When we got to Hallsberg station it was evening, and we went to our hosts´ houses, to taste a typical Swedish dinner.

On Tuesday we had the first school day at Alléskolan, where we met guys from all European countries who are involved in the project. Firstly there was a presentation and then a lecture about ecological footprints. Then we tried to calculate our footprints, and we compared the result with the other countries.

Here are the results of all calculations:
















Czech Republic

























































































































Next we tried to find a way to reduce our ecological footprint in our daily routine. For example, our group decided that we can recycle more and switch off devices when we´re not using them. We also tried to answer some questions about ecosystem services and about the importance of mankind compared to other animal species.

In the afternoon, after school, we had a great time in Hallsberg, because we played bowling and ate a pizza.


Wednesday 18th

This day we went to a campsite near Heart Lake in the middle of the forest, and in the morning we had an introduction lecture in a big tent and later we went walking in the paths. We felt it really interesting and a bit funny because we were walking on the mosses and it was like to make steps on a mattress. We had lunch in the forest, at the lake shore and then we came back to the campsite. On the afternoon we did a track in the forest following some quests written on papers, ant then our guide made a long lecture about biodiversity in Swedish forest. The evening was the best moment, because we had dinner and later we met in the biggest tent to see all countries show performances and we sit around the fire eating bananas with chocolate. Before we went to our tent we had tried to reach the lake, but it was too far from the road and we´d rather to return to the campsite.


Thursday 19th

After the coldest night of our life, we woke up feeling not alive and we had breakfast, and then we divided into three groups, and we were cooking the lunch. After that, we went rowing on the Heart Lake, and there was a beautiful landscape. We had lunch and next we walked in the forest for three hours, and it was really tiring. Then we came back to the campsite and we took the bus to come back to Hallsberg.

In the evening we had a delicious dinner with a lot of Swedish food at our hosts´ house.




Nikoletta Varga, Mohammed Ahmed:


I’m so glad to be here because I haven’t tried anything like this before. I think this is the best way to improve my English, to make new friends and learn new things. For instance, I have learnt new phrases like biodiversity in English and in Swedish as well. On the first day we calculated our footprint and talked about what we should do to protect the environment. We got closer and closer to nature by doing different kinds of activities. In the afternoon we went to the city centre and then we went to one of Mohammed´s friends´ house and they cooked dinner for us. On Wednesday and Thursday we were at Åfallet Naturby. It was the first time I had tried camping. In my opinion it would have been better if the weather had been warmer but all of the programmes were interesting. It was funny and scary at the same time to find the way to our tent in the dark. Canoeing was one of the most exciting things, I laughed a lot. J Mohammed and his family are really nice and caring. I like being at their home. Their cuisine is very different from Hungarian but really delicious. I´m sure that it will be one of my most memorable holidays I have ever had. I´m looking forward to visiting Örebro and the party also.

My Hungarian student arrived at 21:02 then we went home. The day after we were in school and it was funny. They did not like the weather because it was too cold, I have learnt some Hungarian words. Niki was friendly and she was really kind. I have learnt a lot from this project. Now I know that they have different kinds of jokes, it will be really exciting to visit Hungary.

John Heppich, Anton Fristedt:

Two Germans arrived at our doorstep the other day; they were to accompany us on a journey called “planting our future”. This journey would come to intertwine us and develop a friendship stronger than any bond ever experienced. Our journey started off in Alléskolan, one of the greatest high schools in all of Sweden, here forty dedicated students worked vigorously side by side to try solving and preventing environmental problems. We planted a tree, discussed problems and finally came to the conclusion that we have to act before it’s too late.

And act we did. We packed our bags and headed out to “Åfalletnaturby”. For two days we were to live on Mother Nature’s premises. Day one started off quiet mellow; little did we know that this would not be the case for very long. The mellowness ended abruptly when we went out for an 8 kilometer long walk in the fierce landscape of Åfallet. When we came back we thought we were going to get the chance to refuel and eat some good old meet, but no, they served vegan food and it was time to hit the can. Without exaggeration these were the hardest days of our young lives, but we learned something valuable, that we cannot live without nature.


Estha Taddings, Inez Tanzil:


Monday, 16th April 2012

After an 11 hours-journey, we arrived at Hallsberg trainstation, where we met our hosts for the first time. Then Estha went away with her host Anton Fristedt and his father, while Inez drove to John Heppichs home with his mother, who also leads the whole Comenius-project.

Our thoughts: 

- pretty red houses

- Original Köttbullar  is more delicious than the german IKEA-ones.

- many trees

- Swedish students speak much better English than German students


Tuesday, 17th April 2012

At Alléskolan, we met the other participants of the project. We watched a presentation about ecological footprint. Then we were separated into 4 multinational groups and had to determine our own ecological footprint and how we could reduce it.


Our thoughts:

- Swedish eat a lot

- The school is modern & really pretty

- The swedish pupils are allowed to use their smartphones at school and no internet page is blocked.


- Swedish drink a lot of coffee – without milk or sugar.

- The meal at school is free.


Wednesday, 18th April 2012

In the morning a bus took us to the Camp Åfallet, Naturby, where the camp leaders welcomed us. They live environmentally friendly at the camp without electricity or hot water and have a vegan diet. They showed us a presentation about the forests in Sweden and other countries and what they are doing to save them. In the evening we sat around a camp fire and listened to folk songs or watched traditional things of the other countries.


- Vegan Burger doesn’t taste as bad as it sounds

- It’s cold and wet

- The toilets are discusting

- We could never live the way the camp leaders do

- The organic muffins were surprisingly delicious


 Thursday, 18th April 2012

We had a terrible night in the Tepee, our feet were freezing. After that harrowing night we were separated into 3 groups. Our group had to cook first, then we were canoeing and after lunch we had to walk 3 and a half hours through the forest. Then in the afternoon, we finally drove to the warm, dry homes.


- We hate wandering

- From now on, after we got lost with the canoe, we will always remember the road we  took.

- It’s too green everywhere

- It’s so nice to have a warm house with a bed and a toilet with flush-function









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