Torino workshop


International Comenius Lab in TORINO, at the AVOGADRO INSTITUTE, from 30th September to 6th October 2012

A group of students and teachers coming from Sweden, Turkey, Hungary, Estonia, Austria, Iceland, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain and Poland will work together at the “Planting Our Future” (P.O.F.) Project which through different cultures and subjects commonly aims at the same purpose: saving our planet. 

Our week programme will focus on Torino as promoter of the 3 “C” standing for Cinema, Cuisine and Cars. 

We will try to find out if these three aspects of our town are compatible with the title of “Smart City”, since Torino is one of those… or if we can improve it…

Torino P.O.F. week
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Conference about Sound and Noise
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Blog from Torino
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Turin lab's product

The good storyteller
How to make a short videoclip
The good storyteller.pdf
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Youtube P.O.F. Videoclip
10 videoclips made by P.O.F. students during the Turin lab
A questionnaire about Comenius project
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Graphics survey results
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