Workshops in Poland

Dąbrowa Górnicza

The Polish part of the Comenius Project started on April 7th 2013, when the students with their teachers came to Poland.



On Monday we met at the school where we had an introducing meeting. Then our guests went to the city council in order to greet with the Mayor of Dąbrowa Górnicza. They had the opportunity to sit in the city council’s meeting room. After that, we had some delicious lunch. At 13.00 we participated in a lecture in the Institute of Earth and Science in Sosnowiec.


On Tuesday we planted the traditional Comenius tree in the patio of our school. After the ceremony, the geography teacher took us for a walk around Pogoria III lake. Afterwards we had another marvelous lunch (dumplings, in Polish “pierogi”, yummy!). Then we spent over 2 hours bowling.

10th April was another exciting day of our workshops. It started off with a trip to Pszczyna and visiting the royal palace. After that we came to the reservation of bison’s in the city nearby. We watched a film about flora and fauna in Poland which was very interesting. Then we had lunch  in a headquarter of hunters.

On Thursday, the 11th of April we took a coach to Kraków! We saw, for example, a Jewish district called Kazimierz. Our guide had a lot of thing to say about it. Then we had free time at the main city square.

On our way back, we passed through Ojców, a famous national park, and admired the calcium stones and the Hercules’ club.

The last day of our adventure in Poland was full of interesting activities. We were in the Guido mine in Zabrze. That part of the day gave us “a light” on the mining industry in Poland through the years.

The afternoon started with an amazing lunch in Pogoria hotel. Then, we had to make posts for the project’s blog and make some posters about the stay in our country.

To sum up, is was an incredible, unforgettable supers week! It’s such a shame that it ended. We will miss our guest a lot!

Zuzia, Aleksandra - Poland


Greetings for everybody! 

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