"Planting Our Future"

All European countries want to save the environment, including transportation, heating, avoiding wastes, keeping air, water and soil clean. Different green technology is developed and can serve as best practice examples for others. Our project creates awareness of the environment in biology, geography, literature, history and art. Topic-related legends, myths are recited in native languages. Students present their work and express themselves in public. Students and teachers get ideas to realize as future adults on the work market in their home-country, influencing local authorities and political behaviour. New forms of teaching are used. We enable students to look further and learn that foreign languages, competences in natural sciences, in social field and IT knowledge are essential for their successful future. Teachers of the same subjects cooperate, discuss technological possibilities, exchanging teaching materials on the project website. Students travel to all the participating countries for a week's workshop to learn about country-specific protection of nature and environmental sustainability. Students gather social competence by living in host families. The workshop contents are collected in the website; all teachers use all contents in all countries for student work and teacher development.