Project activities

      The main activities planned for the project are :


  • a start coordination meeting in Akranes (Iceland) for the teachers of the different European countries to define the work strategy, the activities and the dates of the workshops, the dissemination


  • one week workshop in every country with 2 students and 1 teacher per each country. So 22 students and 11 teachers from 11 countries can know nature, climate, local products, green tecnologies, literature, myths and art, learn about the workshop country, exchange ideas, discuss and collect the results of the workshop. During the week students and teachers will attend different activities.


  • a web participation of teachers and students of each school to the project via P.O.F. website where the results are immediately blogged.


  • a final evaluation meeting in Germany to collect bulletins, teaching units and results, to complete the P.O.F website and to do a evaluation.