The P.O.F. Song

Last Night I Had a Dream


composed for P.O.F. project by Torgeir Nilsson and Andrew Wright, Sweden, Alleskolen


Last night I had a dream, you could call it a vision

That a European team will be filled with ambition

To work in a project with friends who are like-minded

Because there’s a planet to protect from those who are blinded


Best planet for a hundred light years

But what we’re doing brings one to tears

Good planets are very scarce indeed

Keeping this one clean is all that we need


To work in the service of a living Earth

To be part of a team helping in rebirth

Helping make the Earth a paradise

It’s about time we all open our eyes


You see, this Earth is all we’ve got

And unless we act soon, it’ll be a parking lot

Clean oceans, rivers, forests and streams

May seem to be only impossible dreams

They’ve all been poisoned by the hand of Man

Now it’s time for the young to understand


They must do what they can and do it today

There’s no other choice, there’s no other way

It’s really time for us to plant a future

For you and me and every living creature



The P.O.F. music
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