Comenius Composting

On Monday 31st an activity about composting of some materials commonly used by young people started.

This activity will be carried on by all partners countries and documented by pictures posted on this website. The results will be discussed during each workshop. 


Contents of the composting 


  1. A chewing-gum
  2. An apple core
  3. Some matches
  4. A coke tin
  5. A paper handkerchief
  6. A cigarette
  7. A tetrapack (milk / juice)
  8. A plastic bag
  9. A tea bag
  10. A winter glove / sock

Austrian Compost

winter freeze January 2013

What is still left? the sock, the coke tin and the tetrapack - well preserved in the cold weather (- 10 degrees).


April 24, 2012

The apple is gone. Guess who ate it?

The chewing gums have survived, to our astonishment.

Where is the paper handkerchief?

And what about the cigarette?


Austrian Compost
Austrian Compost

A hood to protect the compost from the ravens.


December 2011
December 2011

The snow washes the writing off.

December 2011
December 2011

December is the best refrigerator. Everything is still intact.

 November 2011 - Austria

The Comenius project „Planting Our Future“ POF (2011 – 2013) wants to develop awareness and knowledge about the environment not only in Bregenz but also in Iceland, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Turkey.


This waste deposit, consisting of:

  •  A chewing-gum                 
  • An apple core                         
  • Some matches
  • A coke tin                                    
  • A paper handkerchief            
  • A cigarette
  • A tetrapack (milk / juice) A plastic bag                          
  • A tea bag        
  • A winter glove / sock    

is going to be documented within the next 2 years. We want to show our partner countries how waste deteriorates in Austria and will compare the Austrian composting phases to those in other countries.


Prof. H. Schüssling     Prof. Wolfgang Beck          Prof. Wolfgang Schatz


Italian Compost

29th October 2011 - Italy

In Turin we have set up our composting plastic box in the garden of our Headmaster. Above there are some pictures.

Avo Science Team  

24th November 2011

After a month of composting

A detail: the apple core is moulding, the cigarette tobacco is crumbling.

12th January 2012


6th February 2012 - Turin under snow...was beautiful but not for our compost!

10th March 2012 - Where is the apple core?

Austrian compost in October 2012

where are the matches?
where are the matches?
Did the sock eat the chewing gums?
Did the sock eat the chewing gums?

Italian compost in April 2013

A winter glove, a tetrapack, some plastic bags and a tin under the rain in 19th April 2013; where are the other materials we put in the box?

The Malus spp., our Italian P.O.F. tree, despite the miserable political present situation, is blossoming!