Activities in Sweden

Alléskolan has been working towards creating a climate smart school in several different ways.

The theme “a sustainable society” has been thoroughly discussed and also practically worked with in several different classes and subjects. One of the departments at school has for instance organised a second hand clothes market in order to increase the awareness of overconsumption. We used the profit from this market to plant trees in the vicinity of  Lake Victoria in Africa. If you enter the homepage of Alléskolan you can find an article from a local newspaper about this event.

Many students have been inspired by the theme “a sustainable society” and have chosen to work with this in their final exams.

A group of teachers and students have analysed how climate smart our own school is and have come up with suggestions on how we can improve. 


Polish activities

We have put a lot of effort and work into it since we got back from Iceland:

1. We have set up the P.O.F club. I have introduced students the aims of the project and the regulation of the recruitment to the workshops.
2. We have announced the contest to create the best Polish logo – the results have just been given to the winners.
3. Our high school students have conducted the classes on the ecological style of life in primary school{ the students gave a lot of information about recycling, the ways of saving water and electric energy}; the term ecological education has been continuing in our school community since the primary school. 
4. We have organised the action – the recycling paper collection in our school – thanks to the money collection students bought trees to be planted in the school garden. The following undertakings are to spread the project among young students .
5. We have organised the urban competition including such subjects as maths and science entitled :’’Ecoenergy – fashion or necessity’’ and a language competition organised by Mrs Monika Ruda, a teacher of German “Learning ecology in German’’. The aims of the above competitions spread the idea of the project in our local community.


Activities in Austria

Search for Students

Bregenz: we held a teachers' meeting a few days ago. Mainly science teachers and also English teachers who know the students aged 16 should invite a total of 20 students to join them for the workshops taking place in 10 different countries.


Some students are very eager to go abroad; some are reluctant to offer hosting but would like to travel! Many students would like to go to certain countries whereas it is quite difficult to find students for other countries - and it's because they have never heard of this country or "because it's cold there". Does any other country also share this experience?


Teachers now come up with a lot of ideas connected to the topics and would like to leave their footprint in the project as well.



Parents' evening in Austria, PPt
just to let you know how we did it - although only the Germans will grasp the contents - sorry!
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POF presentation for Austrian entrepreneurs

Comenius in general and also POF
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Activities in Italy

Torino: on 3rd February we had an official meeting for all teachers and students who applied for the 10 laboratories. As you can see in the attached grids, students had to overcome a strict selection based on the average of marks in all subjects, their English mark, their age. Apart from that, having or not any insufficient mark on the first term report made a difference. The possibility of hosting has been regarded as a secondary factor, since it's not a student's fault if his/her family has a guest room and there is always some other student who can host two friends instead of one.

       Since Poland is the last place where we'll travel to, the 4 students at the bottom of the list, who are at the moment in the same position, will be chosen according to their final report marks: a real competition to join the group! Laura has done practically the whole and precious job of categorizing all the discriminant factors.

        Teachers have also been selected according to their knowledge of English, their will of working on the project, their belonging to a class where there's at least one student taking part to P.O.F.

        Both teachers and students have been asked to give one or two preferences as far as the country was concerned (and some were not expressing any) but none of them have known till the end if their desires would have come true.

       Our Headmaster cooperated with us, advising and stating some criteria, too.

       In order to make the meeting a little bit more interactive and stimulating, I have created a questionnaire which was given to each student and to each teacher to find out which was the country he or she was going a final surprise! Here it is...for those who want to play with it as well!



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Torino: on 29th March, we had an official meeting with teachers, students and parents to get in closer touch, coordinate trips and start organizing our host week program. We also took pictures of the first 7 out of the 10 groups who will be travelling from April till September and will post it on the P.O.F. website. A blog will soon be created by a couple of volunteer students to complete our multimedia network.


Patrizia and Laura

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