Here teachers of the host country will write rules, traditions and everything useful to attend their workshop and will answer any question about it. 


Dear  P.O.F.  Friends,
We are happy to see you soon in Poland, we have already finished the programme for the week.
We would like to ask you to bring the following items with you:
1.   Warm clothes, suitable shoes for walking, raincoats.
2.   Cameras, a pen drive (students are going to use the taken photos of various places in Poland and than they are to make posters)
3.  Traditionally bring a small stone from your country (only one)
4.  We kindly ask you to bring additional money with you, about 50 Euros (per group), this money will be needed for the transport purposes.
5.  We demand a good mood, enthusiasm and a huge smile.  

6.  As  additional information, you have to exchange Euros into Zlotys. You can do that in Poland, there won’t be any problem.
We are waiting for you,
Happy Easter Everyone,
Renata, Agata and Monika



Dear friends,

weather forecasts are not brilliant: changeable temperature between 13 and 20 deg, sunny and cloudy, a mixture of.

Don't forget for your workshop in Torino:

1. the stone to put around the tree which will be planted in our Headmaster's Office garden.

2. comfortable shoes for town and park walking but not real trekking or climbing outside Torino.

3. a raincoat or-and an umbrella.

4. some typical food if you want, for the last dinner-party on Friday night.

5. something to film (camera, videocamera, high quality image mobile phone).

6. of course, something to introduce your school and country, apart from the clip about ecological topics (10 minutes in all)

7. good mood and enthusiasm!


Waiting for you all,

Patrizia and Laura


Microsoft Word Document 91.0 KB


Do's and don'ts
Business etiquette Austria.docx
Microsoft Word Document 13.3 KB


We are organising forest and mountain exhibition on that week, 28.05.-3.06.2012.

What does a forest and a mountain look like in your country? Each country, please send 2 beautiful photos, the latest 23.05.2012.

We will have a welcome party and would like to ask you to take something typical of you country to taste on that party.

Please prepare a 3-minute powerpoint about your country.



Dear Participants,

Since your visit to Hungary is coming soon I would like to send you a few lines about rules while visiting the PARLIAMENT of HUNGARY!

- You have to have either your ID card or Passport for identification,

- No flash for taking photos,

- No luggage or big bags in the building,

- No rest room (WC) possibility in the building.


I will soon send you the detailed program.

All the best,



Dear Pof-ers,

Please don't forget to take your cameras for project work.

Bring your nation's STONE for planting the tree.

Finally, prepare your song or story!!!

See you guys soon in Hungary.



We are planning to go to two different pools... One is a hot spring pool and the other is fish pool... So we strongly advise you to bring your swimsuits... Especialy the one with fish will be extraordinary and memorable during your whole life...There are more than one pool in that area so probably students can swim in either pool that they prefer.

AS our Swedish friends already mentioned we take our shoes off too, while entering the houses but here the difference is we take off outside off the house...

If any of your students doesnt eat meat as a vegeterian pls tell them us before your visit...



At the moment, the only thing we would like to remind you is: take off your shoes when entering houses and school, because very often they're full of mud and snow. So, don't forget some slippers or heavy socks!


As we are planning on going camping Wednesday and Thursday in Sweden it would be really fun if you could prepare some musical performance or some folkloristic story connected to your culture to tell while at the camp fire. Our students are planning on having a minor performance and show you some very typical Swedish folk songs. I think it would be quite enjoyable for everyone!



Hi poffers!


We'd like all countries to bring a toy made out of recycled materials, so we can have a recylcled toys competition and there will of course be a prize!


Please remember to bring your stones so we can put them around the trees in the school's botanic garden. The weather isn't going to be great so please bring warm clothes with you too:)


Travel information is in the 'Coach Transfer' section and all partners are listed in the documents in the 'Particpants' section, ok?


Looking forward to seeing you all soon!