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Program for the workshop in Iceland
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Prague programme
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Torino is waiting for you

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Dear workshoppers in Austria,


please have a PPt of your own country ready for Monday.

As it has snowed again and will do so next week, you will need warm clothes. Remember to take strong walking shoes with you (which don't fear snow and water).

If you have a thin sleeping bag, take it with you. There are enough blankets at the mountain hut to keep you warm.

Those who want to carry a stone along are very welcome to create a pattern the first day when we plant the tree.

Teachers: we would also like to taste international delicacies the first evening. We will be greatful for typical food from your homecountry.


Austrian workshop

Welcome to Austria June 3rd to 9th, 2012


We are going to explore the Alps and its water resources. Be prepared to sleep in a mountain hut (remember the cotton sleeping bags - they can also be hired at the hut for € 6) .

You need sturdy shoes with good profile soles (no converse or such) - we will take a mountain walk, possibly in the snow, and a warm jacket as it may be quite cold in higher altitudes (cap and gloves for Southern countries).

For the first day, would all students please prepare a ppt to present their country.


Teachers: we would like to have an international buffet the first evening. Would you please take some typical food with you.


Preliminary Austrian programme June 2012
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Welcome to Estonia, 28.05-3.06.2012

We are organising the forest and mountain exhibition on that week. What does a forest and a mountain look like in your country? Each country, please send 2 beautiful photos, the latest 23.05.2012.


We will have a welcome party and would like to ask you to take something typical of you country to taste on that party.


Please prepare a 3-minute powerpoint about your country.


We have accommodation for all of you (only Helmut is at the hotel) but with the names of hosts you should wait a little bit.

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Welcome to Turkey in May, 6-12/5/2012

Most of the participitants are coming to Turkey for the first time. I’m sure the visit to Turkey will be memorable for you. Our students will totally forget their cultural differences and they will realize that we have many in common.

We want to arise an awareness of the healing effects of nature on human. While we damage our nature on purpose , it is merciful to us in turn. Doctor fish are a good example of this phenomenon.

Another important point in Sivas is the cultural heredity we are trying to protect so that We can carry our culture to the next generation..So historical places , buildings, tombs and monuments are the best examples of that. We want our students to witness the restorations of these tourist attractions which helps us to protect our culture for our children.

And , I want to give answers for a few common questions about the visit to Turkey.

The first one is currency, there are many banks and Exchange offices in the city you can easily change your money.. we advice you spending Turkish liras during your visit which will help you not to have to Exchange just at the moment of your shopping .

The weather , it is 20 degree nowadays at the end of the april so it means that ıt can be hotter than today in May ,except for rainy days..You know it suddenly changes during spring..

You should bring your swimsuits with yourself… We plan two swim in two different pools .





7th May Monday

Introduction of the school directory and the participants. Workshop at school.

An offical visit to local authorities and historical places.

8th May Tuesday

A visit to countryside of Sivas ( Gürün )

9th May Wednesday

In the morning we will attend a presentation at Civil Engineering Department of Sivas Cumhuriyet University

In the afternoon , swimming in the hot spring pool. That is also in the countryside of Sivas

10th May Thursday

Exploring another pool in Kangal fish spring. Swimming in the (doctor fish) pool and a picnic in the surrounding area.

11th May Friday

Planting trees – Workshop at school

Writing blog .

12th May Saturday

Departure day


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SPAIN Programme 14th-20th October 2012
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SPAIN Matchings: Who is staying with who?! 14th-20th October 2012
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